Credit Application to banks and non-bank institutions

Banks, which is among the banks with public capital, is among the banks that consumers can apply for all kinds of credit needs. Banks, which has been offering attractive opportunities to consumers for various loan products for years, is also frequently used for agriculture and livestock loans.


The loan requests submitted to banks, which creates alternative channels for loan application in order to divide the density in its branches into various service channels, are evaluated and concluded in a very short time.

Regardless of whether a positive or negative response is received, all of the loan applications made without going to the branch are preliminary and it is obligatory to go to the branch for allocation accordingly.

Bank Loans

Bank Loans

Consumer loan, vehicle loan, mortgage loan, education loan, agricultural loan, livestock loan, school loan, etc. via banks. it is possible to submit applications to all retail loans. The proforma invoice of consumers who will request for special loans. It is not possible to submit a loan application on the internet or through a different channel, as it must submit. Bank branches are the only service channel available to consumers in this situation.

Credit Application Without Going to bank

Credit Application Without Going to bank

Consumers who want to submit a loan application to Bank do not have to go to the branch. Loan requests can be made via internet, telephone, SMS or ATMs.

Credit Application by Message

CREDIT spaces to exploit consumers need credit products that you want to forward loan applications can write and send a text message via SMS identification information of accounts. The loan application made will be evaluated within a very short time and the maximum loan that can be given to the person will be answered by message. If the loan amount desired to be used is covered by the amount transmitted by the bank, the allocation process can be completed by going to any Bank branch.

Online Loan Application

Consumers logging onto website can access the application form by choosing any of the loans under the Products tab. The loan application submitted will be finalized within 24 hours at the latest and sent to the consumer via text message.

Credit Application From ATM

Bank has replaced almost all of its ATMs with current versions as part of the reform efforts it has initiated in recent years, and has allowed consumers to apply for loans from ATMs. For consumers who want to submit their loan applications through Bank ATMs, all they need to do is to go to any Bank ATM and follow the steps of Login> Application> Credit.

The loan application made is a pre-application and even if Bank is a customer, it is necessary to go to the branch and complete the allocation process.

Telephone Credit Application

Consumers calling the Bank call center can submit a loan application through the voice response system. The submitted loan application is a pre-application and it is necessary to go to the branch in order to complete the allocation process.

Required documents

Required documents

When consumers apply for a loan:

  • Birth certificate,
  • Income certificate,
  • They must present documents such as residence or invoice.

Consumers who will use vehicle loans must present a license copy of the vehicle to be purchased, and consumers who will use a housing loan must additionally submit a copy of the title deed or land easement of the house to be purchased.

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